What Makes A Good Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs have many responsibilities to handle each day of work. From establishing a business to hiring to operations to management to success, an entrepreneur must be well versed in a tremendous amount of skills. Exactly what makes a good entrepreneur?

Character:   Individuals follow their leader. In a business, employees will follow the example of their employer (the entrepreneur). It’s vital to a company’s success to establish its foundation on key values and good business ethics. Some of these qualities include: integrity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, patience, and compassion. If entrepreneurs will work to develop these traits, they will carry over to their employees and their customers.

Positivity:   Because entrepreneurs act as the parent of the company, it is important that they always employ positivity. This keeps the spirits of the employees up. Good entrepreneurs have hope and see the positivity in every situation. As they deal with problems and dilemmas on a daily basis, they seek out the good and turn these situations around.

Ambition:   Entrepreneurs need to have goals and aspirations. They must have vision of where they want to take the company and be driven to work to achieve those goals. Without ambition, there is no direction, and the company stands still.

Sacrifice:    It takes a lot of grunt work to establish a business. People do not become millionaires overnight. Typically, they spend many years sacrificing time and efforts to establish a solid foundation. Many times, they arrive before their employees and they leave well after the doors have closed. Without hard work and sacrifice, chances of success diminish by quite a large margin.

Commitment:   Along with sacrifice, entrepreneurs are committed to providing viable products and services. They are 100 percent committed to their mission statement and achieving their goals. They recognize that they have to work hard to achieve these goals.

Problem Solver / Decision Maker:   Without these skills, it is very difficult to run a business. Anything worth achieving requires hard work. Part of that hard work is problems. Good entrepreneurs possess patience and apply it, as they brainstorm ideas to combat problems. Because they are constantly solving problems, they can make solid, quick, but also good decisions. These decisions reflect what is best for the company.

Friendly:    Companies go into business to make money. They make money by selling products or services. They are always reaching for a target market. As a result, there is much customer interaction. In order to do this successfully, entrepreneurs must possess a friendly, outgoing personality. While they may have shy tendencies, they have to be willing to promote their products, socialize with customers and make them feel welcome, help their employees to feel welcome. Without friendliness and kindness, life as an entrepreneur will be much more difficult.

Organization:   Another skill good entrepreneurs possess is organization. Without this, companies lose money. Customers fall through the cracks, productivity is slowed, and businesses fall short. If an entrepreneur is really serious about getting organized, but does not possess this skill, he needs to hire a personal assistant to keep him up-to-speed. Organization is important to keep employees satisfied, retain proper records, maintain customers, etc. It provides a company with stability.

Of course, there are many more qualities and characteristics of entrepreneurs. However, these seem to be at the top of the list. If an entrepreneur will pay attention to these criteria, he will find success in his business and a much smoother operation.