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Anyone and everyone who markets and sells anything at all online should listen up: If Ryan Nelson is talking, you should be taking notes.

The reason is simple.

He will help you to make more money, in less time. It’s his mission in life, and he happens to be very good at it.

Ryan Nelson is one of the top Home Business Entrepreneurs working today. He has created profitable Internet business strategies for hundreds of websites and for some of the internet’s most successful marketers. His specialty is helping home business entrepreneurs build their business online.

He began his career in his early-teens, hacking his way to the realization that you could make a lot of money online, as long as you knew how. And today, when it comes to profiting from the internet, Ryan clearly knows how.

Despite his ranking as one of the 5 best Online Marketers in the US, Ryan’s road to Internet stardom was not typical, by anyone’s standards. He enlisted in the Army and spent 6 years helping Uncle Sam to prosecute the war on the evil doers that seek to disrupt civilized society. After the Army, he went to Oklahoma State University and got a bachelor’s degree—in theatre.

The Epiphany Of Ryan Nelson

With hopes of becoming a professional actor, Ryan planned to apply his self-taught SEO skills and mastery of online marketing to the challenge of building a name for himself by leveraging the internet to land acting gigs.

It was, by all measures, a matter of fate when, after college, Ryan’s first epiphany occurred. He realized that he could make a lot more money just doing what he loved—beating Google at its own game, than he probably could as an actor.

So it was back to the internet where he found wealth and acclaim by starting more successful businesses by the age of 30 than most people have the good fortune to start in a lifetime.

The simple fact was that Ryan’s breathtaking ability to dominate Google using his homegrown Internet marketing techniques—all legal and therefore sanctioned by the very beast he was taming—made him a very marketable commodity.

As he made a name for himself, he caught the attention of some very successful direct marketing entrepreneurs who clamored to hire him for their own online enterprises.

The money of course was great and Ryan enjoyed being able to work from home, enjoying the company of his wife, Jessica, and a big pack of small dogs “Peyton, Riley & Brody” who roam freely around the house.

But Ryan, just beginning his third decade of life, realized that there was more to business than just making money hand over fist. It was fun, of course, but he wanted to take it all to the next level.

Ryan Nelson OutdoorsPondering this for awhile, he had his second epiphany when he realized that his true calling was to become an evangelist for internet marketing success by documenting his own, self-developed Internet Marketing weapons, and then publishing them for the masses.

Reasoning that everyone could benefit from his knowledge and expertise, he decided to create an affordable—and devastatingly effective—SEO manual and tool kit.

So he did just that. The result is his two book series, The Life and Times of Ryan Nelson and the SEO BATTLEFIELD, and 127 Weapons To Defeat The Search Engines. He now offers these two books, along with his explosive, high velocity Internet Marketing toolkit, simply named the Millionaire OS.

For the record, Ryan isn’t a para-military wannabe who thinks of everything in terms of armed conflict. In fact, Ryan hasn’t heard the sound of gunfire in years, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.

But he does understand what combat is all about, and when viewed through the filter of his Army experience—not to mention a little carry over drama from his acting days and training—he realized that marketing online is very much a war.

Which brings us to the present. Today, Ryan’s mission in life is simple: provide the best possible Internet weapons imaginable to the legions of online combatants, in order to help as many of them as he can to survive—and succeed. In other words, Ryan wants to help you make more money.

For that reason, if you happen to be an Internet marketer, waging your own online war for market share and massive profits, be sure to equip yourself with his state-of-the-art Millionaire Operating Systems. Ryan Nelson is a good ally to have on your side.


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