Reckless Greed in America

For the most part, greed is everywhere. You have multimillionaires that feel the need to steal from people. You have companies that feel the need to fire people. You have selfish people that only care about themselves. You have Wall Street and the crumbling of the economy and the bailouts. However, greed is different from reckless greed. With greed you’re mainly just hurting yourself in the end. But with reckless greed, you don’t care who gets in your way or what happens to them, you just care about money, money, money. A few months ago an Internet marketer decided it would be of great interest to him if he could fool people into giving him large sums of money for “big dreams”. Of course most of us know this guy top of guy as a Bernard Madoff.

This guy supposedly was already set for life in terms of success and money and yet he felt the absolute need to steal over $50 billion dollars from different people. To most people that type of behavior is reckless in the extreme because he didn’t care about anyone else or how he hurt them or how they ended up. It’s doubtful that the money even mattered after awhile. He just was high on getting away with something like this. All of these problems we have been having lately with money have finally led to the financial meltdown. The American people have never seen so many financial bailouts in their lives in the past few years.

There are many varied reasons for the global economic meltdown we now face. This has been long in coming. But greed is at the top of the list, because with proper oversight, these problems could have been avoided. Simply stated, they were caused by greed.

Counting on people these days just comes hard to most people especially after they have been burned and this is why a lot of people turn to the person within themselves. The only person you can really trust is yourself. If you really want to create your own sense of security and you really want to be the guide of your own passage you need to take the responsibility into your own hands and do what is necessary. Just remember not to let  greed stain your good name like it has for people like Madoff and so many others.