Hire a Pro. Save yourself time and money


Small-business people are doers. They like to tinker with things and believe that they can do anything and everything by themselves. Sometimes this is an excellent way to save money and cut costs. But sometimes it’s a self-defeating activity because it winds up costing a lot more in the end. These additional costs are often incurred in the form of wasted effort or a generally poor use of time. But sometimes the additional costs result because the business person’s efforts are less than effective and wind up achieving the opposite of the intended goal.

Successful business people realize that it is often much cheaper in the long run to hire a professional to do various tasks for the business. Everybody has a core competency that defines their skill as a businessperson. But in a small business, daily activities are never limited to a person’s core competencies. Many things come up and need to be taking care of—sometimes immediately—on a daily basis.

In network marketing there are many things that determine the ultimate success of the enterprise. One of the most critical tasks in a network marketing environment is lead generation and qualification. When marketing over the Internet, the entrepreneur faces a huge challenge in the form of global competition. There is so much content on the web and there are so many websites constantly barraging people with information that marketing effectively is a science unto itself.

Filling an online marketing funnel requires a diverse set of skills and capabilities that many entrepreneurs simply do not possess. Websites and blogs should be designed by professional designers who understand the technologies and who can make the website or the blog stand out and rise above the competition. Content in the form of web copy, articles, and press releases should be professionally written so that the core messages are focused and that the writing reflects well on the business. Public relations professionals should manage the process of distributing press releases and articles to both mainstream media and across the Internet. A professional call center should handle inbound calls with skilled customer service representatives who can field the calls and qualify leads.

Of course it is possible to do all of these things yourself, but why would you? The online entrepreneur’s primary focus should be on creating relationships and building sales. By concentrating on those key activities, the entrepreneur will see business explode and sales skyrocket. If you operate a home-based business, save yourself some time and make yourself some money—hire a pro.