What Makes A Good Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs have many responsibilities to handle each day of work. From establishing a business to hiring to operations to management to success, an entrepreneur must be well versed in a tremendous amount of skills. Exactly what makes a good entrepreneur? Character:   Individuals follow their leader. In a business, employees will follow the example of their…

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Generating More Referrals through Internet Marketing


Internet marketing can speed up the painfully slow referral process. Traditional word of mouth referrals are the best form of advertising. Leads come to you without your active solicitation. And they come pretty much pre-sold. The #1 and best source of referrals is from your customers. Problem is, it takes time. Lots of time. And…

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Are You Working Smart?


When you work for a living you do certain tasks and perform certain functions in return for a paycheck. The longer you’ve been in your job the more effective you are at what you do and the better you are at doing it. When you think about how you spend each day at work, at…

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Hire a Pro. Save yourself time and money


Small-business people are doers. They like to tinker with things and believe that they can do anything and everything by themselves. Sometimes this is an excellent way to save money and cut costs. But sometimes it’s a self-defeating activity because it winds up costing a lot more in the end. These additional costs are often…

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Reckless Greed in America

For the most part, greed is everywhere. You have multimillionaires that feel the need to steal from people. You have companies that feel the need to fire people. You have selfish people that only care about themselves. You have Wall Street and the crumbling of the economy and the bailouts. However, greed is different from…

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Classic Marketing 101: Lessons From The Old School

Internet Marketing

The Internet is completely changing the way companies do business, most notably in the area of how they market. Marketing on the Internet is a whole new ballgame, with new strategies and tactics being developed and deployed daily. With the advent of Web 2.0, marketing across the Internet is becoming a more complex and sophisticated…

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The Value of Your Personal Brand


Two common buzzwords in marketing and advertising today are the words brand and branding. People banter these words around in many different ways with many different meanings. A definition of a brand that seems to work well, is “a customer’s expectation of consistent value.” Oftentimes people think of a brand in terms of a logo.…

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