Are You Working Smart?


When you work for a living you do certain tasks and perform certain functions in return for a paycheck. The longer you’ve been in your job the more effective you are at what you do and the better you are at doing it. When you think about how you spend each day at work, at the end of each day you probably reflect on what you did well and what could have been improved. Throughout the course of any day there are always incremental improvements we can make in our performance and our productivity.

But working smart is not about the tasks you perform in the course of a normal workday. Working smart refers to how you think about your career in general and about your plans in particular. If you work for a company, another person, or even if you are self-employed, the state of the global economy has imposed significant challenges on your job and your career. More than 1 million Americans have lost their jobs so far this year and the Department of Labor predicts that at least 100,000 Americans will lose their jobs each month for the foreseeable future.

Right off the bat employment security becomes issue number one. But even if you are securely employed, you still owe it to yourself to consider options that might improve your employment situation. Because working smart is about leveraging your most valuable resource—time. Your time has a value to it that is determined by what people are willing to pay you for you it. But this may not be consistent with your own valuation of your own time. You never have enough time even though you have all the time that there is, so time is fleeting and precious.

Because people become so stressed with trying to generate an income by working for a living, they neglect other aspects of their lives that are just important. They miss time with their families, they fail to pursue their hobbies, they don’t take vacations, and their quality of life in general suffers. Working smart means generating sufficient income to live comfortably without financial stress while still having sufficient time to do the other things in life that a person wants and needs to do.

Think about alternative sources of income that could help you live a financially productive yet more relaxed lifestyle. A home-based business that relies on the Internet might be a solution worth considering.