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Meet Ryan Nelson

Invited as keynote speaker for the "2011 Internet Marketing Central" event in Las Vegas, NV.

Invited as guest speaker at Shawnee High School; his old stomping grounds in Oklahoma.

Via Truth Message: A modern parable of the Good Samaritan.

First speaking event, which includes business testimonial.
Seven years ago, oh how he has grown.

Past Experience

United States Army
13 Bravo / 11 Bravo
Awarded "War on Terrorism" service medal
He served for six years and is now a Veteran.

Vice-President of Company
Initiative: Mobile marketing / Text message marketing campaigns for local and fortune 500 companies

Wealth Masters International
Vice-President of Marketing
Initiative: Wealth Management

Crash Proof Prosperity
Web Designer / Marketer
Initiative: Financial and investment newsletter (subscription based)

Via Truth
Online Christian Mission
Initiative: Spreading the Gospel on the web
Not for profit.

Ryan Nelson
CEO / Speaker / Author
Company: Business Consulting, SEO, website design, blog design, and online marketing

Champion Movement
Co-Owner / Developer
Initiative: Personal development course, including affiliate program from Simon Sineks “Starts with Why” platform

Affordable Dental Vacations
Business Consulting / Internet Marketing
Initiative: Helping people with low-to-middle incomes have access to safe and affordable dental care outside of the U.S.  (Overcoming the Obamacare burden)

Interactive Media Clients

I had hundreds of clients.
Here are just a few.

My Services Include

  • Internet Marketing Consultation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Internet-Funnel Creation
  • Website Design
  • Online Advertising
  • Speaker
  • Business Start-Up Consulting

Proceeds from all services help to fund my online mission, Via Truth.

From the desk of Ryan Nelson:

After six years of serving our country in the United States Army, I took a different course and focused the last ten years on reshaping the Internet landscape.  I have trained thousands of online entrepreneurs, local businesses and Fortune 500 companies on how to effectively make lucrative profits by marketing content, product and services on the Internet.  Instead of listing accomplishments and patting myself on the back, I would rather you know my story.

I was born and raised in a town called Shawnee, in the middle of the flat state of Oklahoma.  My father was a science teacher, and my mother was a secretary.  I did not have a silver spoon in my mouth, but my parents took real good care of us.  They did a great job raising me to believe in God first, then myself.  I did a good job of forgetting the God part, but we will come back to that later on in my story.

My family didn’t have the money to send me to college, so I decided to help Uncle Sam defend our country for six years to help pay for school.  Once my deployment was over and honorably discharged, I decided to start college.  After earning my associates at Rose State College, I made Oklahoma State University my home and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

While at OSU, I started my first online business and started working with a friend of mine, named Matt Whitney, on a business called WHAMcard.   By the time I graduated from OSU, our WHAMcard product was in all the Big 12 campuses. Also, my online business was crushing video game sales online.  At this point, I quickly realized that owning my own business and leveraging the Internet was my path in life.  Also, it didn’t help that my professors were jealous of how my paycheck was significantly more lucrative than theirs.

When I graduated from OSU, I went straight to Houston and turned our WHAMcard business into a WHAMtext business.  After six months of showing the WHAM team how to use SEO and Internet, we quadrupled our sales.  I went from a college sales associate to Vice President of all three divisions of the company.  We expanded our services and started creating mobile websites.  We then were teaching businesses how to leverage mobile marketing and text advertising.  The business model had changed, and we took on the new name of WHAMmobile.   This was one of the greatest experiences of my life, learning a lot about how to make a business thrive from the ground up.

I decided to start my own company called SEOinsiders and provided services through contract work.  I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies on developing online marketing strategies.  Once that company got big enough, I sold it and worked strictly off referral at RyanNelson.com.

After a couple years of working privately, a local business called Wealth Masters International was running into some marketing challenges.  They hired me to do some SEO but quickly realized-that I had more to offer their wealth management company. They were impressed with my marketing funnels, sales techniques and ways for buyers to respond and purchase quickly online.  I developed a marketing system to help clients generate leads, and this systems is still used today by many marketers.  After 60 days, WMI had a seven figure sales increase and promoted me from a contracted marketing consultant to Vice President of Marketing for the whole company.

Once WMI was back on its feet, the owner and I also partnered to create an affiliate program and financial newsletter called Crash Proof Prosperity.  We hit the ground running, and I developed the web campaign and sales funnel for the business. After only 30 days from launching the campaign, our newsletter profited $250,000.  We kept the newsletter running for three years, generating a subscription income of $15,000 a month.

After a few years of working with WMI, I was struggling to continue working with a company of people that consistently made unethical decisions.  I had a REAL come to Jesus and knew that what they were doing may have technically still been legal, but it was morally weighing heavy on my heart.  I walked away from a six figure income and decided that day to help people, not just sell to people.

For over two years, I put money in front of God and my life started to become very dark, so I decided to change things up.

I genuinely enjoyed working with WMI members, helping them build home businesses and learning how to market online successfully.  It was hard to walk away from a cush six figure job and something I loved, but I felt the Lord telling me to leave.

Shortly after leaving WMI, I started on my mission of helping people. I got together with a friend of mine, John Jackson, and we created a personal development program called the Champion Movement.  We wanted to help people discover their “WHY”, utilizing Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” program.  Sinek’s course was incredible and helped me realize that I can make a real impact on the lives of others.  As a result, our teams focus was self-help and personal development.

The “Start with Why” program was amazing, but I knew the real “WHY” in peoples lives was the need to both know and serve our Savior, Jesus. I changed course and decided to dedicate my life to an online mission called Via Truth. The simple mission is to spread the message of Jesus Christ throughout all the world via Internet.

Today I still provide services for people, businesses and entrepreneurs but all the proceeds go towards helping me complete the mission of Via Truth.

I am wanting to simply do one thing.  Help people find a platform for hope.

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